We use the latest software version FD 200255-01 together with the M4S probe and a high resolution flatscreen. Other settings may be better with older software versions.

Settings for left ventricular opacification (LVO):

frequency 1.6/3.4 MHz
In the right corner of the screen – just below the value of the frequency – there are displayed five values:
The value of “gain” is choosen during the examination.
compression = 16, may be reduced to “0” to enhance contrast
filter = 0, may be increased to “10” to enhance contrast
dynamic = maximum = 6
DDP 5.6.
A typical setting is 0/16/0/6/5.6 or 0/0/10/6/5.6, when higher contrast is necessary
We use grey table 11 or color “gold”

Setting for perfusion imaging (MCE) with Vivid 7 of GE healthcare:

frequency 1.5/3.2
A perfusion defect may be easier to recognize if ud speckle reduce is set to 75% and a filter of 15 is used.


You have made positive experiences with other settings? You use other software versions with other settings? Please feel free to comment. Thank you.